The 4th Annual Boot Walk is underway right now: Texas musician and proud supporter of our military, Granger Smith, has his combat boots strapped on and is walking 100 miles from Austin to Ft. Hood.  The walk is from May 4th-8th, followed by a concert at Ft. Hood, and all the proceeds will go to benefit the Boot Campaign.

The Boot Campaign is a national 501c3 non-profit dedicated to promoting patriotism, raising awareness, and providing assistance to military families past and present founded in 2009 by the Boot Girls. The organization encourages Americans to "get their BOOTS ON"! You can actually purchase a pair of combat boots from different branches of the military to help support this great organization! I've been an avid supporter of The Boot Campaign for several years now and I'm extremely proud to be associated with such a fantastic organization. Granger Smith puts words into action with this 100 mile walk every year, and we'd appreciate your help. You can follow Granger's trip, find out information about the walk and concert, and donate at Support our military and their families by walking in their actual shoes. Thank you Granger Smith for getting us up of the couch, and making us all aware of the great cause. I've got my BOOTS ON, do you?

Courtesy of Steve Rixx