Maybe you haven't hopped on board the gluten-free bandwagon yet, but if you love beer this might make you change your tune.  We can find cereal, crackers, and chicken nuggets that are gluten-free now, and that little ingredient is getting the ax from beer in Texas too.  But how does it taste?

Regular beer has barley in it, which is something that we avoid if we're gluten-free.  But now they're making beer without barley - sometimes with substitute ingredients like chestnuts and lentils, and that opens up new possibilities for the gluten-averse.  If you're thinking, "Lentils?  That sounds kinda gross."  Well, yeah...but barley doesn't sound that appetizing either.

Here are some beers that are gluten-free that you might find at happy hour today.

Estrella Damm Daura is a Euro lager, so even though you're sacrificing the gluten you're not necessarily sacrificing the thickness.  If you like that kinda thing.  You'll sound cool ordering it for sure.

Stone Delicious IPA has some lemon, lime, and orange hints, and it's brewed in California.

Texans mention several beers in a message forum on the Beer Advocate website. Omission, DFH Tweason'ale, Green's Gluten Free Amber, Red Bridge, and all ciders are on the list.

If we had to guess which Texas city would be leading the charge with gluten-free craft beers it would be Austin, and has several more ideas about places to track them down.

If you love your gluten and never want to part with it, we're certain that the beer makers will keep it coming.  Tradition is not going away.  But it's nice that talented craft brewers are pouring up some other options for those of us who feel better without it.

One thing to remember though - gluten-free doesn't mean low-cal.

Have a great weekend!

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