Someone with the YouTube channel name of simply ""Mike V." has uploaded an edit of all the newest "Star Wars" trailers in what he believes will be the chronological order of movie events.

The trailers we've gotten so far have been epic and shown small tidbits of info that we can't really make any assumptions about. The trailers shine light on a few characters, but only the super fans have analyzed these trailers to the point of obsession. Now, thanks to this video, we can get a very possible look at how the movie might play out.

Check the video out for yourself and let us know if you think Mike did a decent job or if you think some of these scenes are completely out of place.

Mike V. via YouTube

Whether you expected something else or not, you've got to admit that Mike's job of editing those commercials was pretty impressive. Hopefully this edit didn't spoil anything for anyone, but even if it did, would it really stop you from wanting to go see this huge movie?

"Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens" comes to theaters December 18th, with special screenings the day before.

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