You've seen one key, you've seen them all.

A woman in Portland, Ore. had her Subaru stolen when someone using a key for a different Subaru accidentally drove off in hers on Tuesday.

A woman got into Erin Hatzi’s red Subaru, which was sitting in her driveway, and drove away a few minutes later.

Not even 24 hours later, police stopped a woman in Hatzi's car right outside her house while Hatzi's husband was taking out the trash. The driver was getting out of the car, having left a note she wrote apologizing for taking the vehicle, as well as some gas money.

The woman explained that she had gone to the neighborhood to pick up a friend's red Subaru and somehow managed to take the wrong one.

Yup, the key for one Subaru somehow worked in the other. No one got in any trouble and Hatzi called the whole matter "insane," adding, "It’s like a bad sitcom that nobody would ever buy the story because it’s stupid and it makes no sense. But it happened."

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