5 Monthly Bills Wiped Out When You Win Cash With Us
Today is the first day that you've got a chance to win a whole lot of money with us, and this could completely wipe out several of your monthly bills. Like the average car payment that's $515 bucks a month! Wouldn't it be nice to have that gone? There could be a bunch more fun mone…
Most Texans Don’t Carry Cash
It was fun while it lasted, but finding that surprise 5-dollar bill in the pocket of some old jeans is becoming more rare. Lots of Texans are opting not to carry any cash at all, and if we do have paper money in our wallets it's probably less than $25
Raining Cash!
Haven't we had enough rain so far in 2015?
Nope!  Thanks to KICKS 105, we have a 100% chance of rain every weekday in May....raining Cash, that is.
Junk Man Discovers Jackpot In Trashed Chest (Video)
Leo Guarente runs The Junk Depot in Massachusetts and was hired by the family of a recently deceased woman to haul off her belongings.  That's how he discovered over $100 thousand dollars worth of U.S. savings bonds.  However, it's what he did next that is the real story.

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