$1,000 may not make you independently wealthy, but there are quite a few things you could buy if you win $1,000 thanks to the KICKS 105 Cash Cow.  Personally, I'd probably go straight into the hardware or power tools aisle at the home improvement store.

Whether it's tools, paying bills, getting groceries, or even getting an early start to Christmas, an extra $1,000 would sure come in handy.  Let's not forget that there's also a grand prize $10,000 that will be given away.  That could be a ticket to someplace to get away from the stress of 2020.

The KICKS 105 Cash Cow guarantees two $1,000 winners every weekday, and that list continues to grow. Just listen for the winning words at the top of every hour from 8-5 on KICKS 105.  Go to your KICKS 105 App, click on Cash Cow, and then enter the correct word.  Each word correctly entered gets you another entry to win $1,000 and the $10K grand prize payout.


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