Bass Pro Shops Will Bring In The Easter Bunny
Bass Pro Shops across Texas are planning Easter events for eight days straight leading up to the holiday on the 27th, which means the kids will stay busy while you browse through waders and tackle boxes in peace.  Oh, and the whole family can get a picture taken with the Easter Bunny.
Creative Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs [VIDEOS]
The Easter practice of egg decorating has meaning behind it: the egg itself represents rebirth, something early Pagans celebrated during the spring season, and was later adopted by Christians to represent the resurrection themes of the Easter holiday. Back in the olden days, colored eggs were decora…
Just In Time For Easter – Deep Fried Cadbury Eggs
We Texans are proud of the fact that we can pretty much fry up anything....pickles, twinkies, even margaritas.
Just give us the food item and we'll batter it up.
Well, I guess we might wanna give a guy in England a certificate making him an honorary Texan after his new creation--