This is such a cool idea!

Obviously, the numerous area Easter egg hunts that were supposed to take place have been, for the most part, cancelled. I'm sure that many families that are staying at home, as they are supposed to be doing, will probably have a backyard hunt for their kids.  But, thanks to Buchanan Realty, your kids can take part in a virtual Easter egg hunt, and win prizes in the process.

Many realtors offer virtual tours of the properties and houses that they are trying to sell.  By just moving your mouse, you can navigate through a home and see every detail of every room without ever stepping foot inside that dwelling.  Jeff and Heather Buchanan decided to take that technology and use it for this hunt.

You can virtually go to several different rooms of their office building and go on the hunt for eggs.  Just for participating you're eligible to win one of ten Amazon Gift Cards.

Good luck and happy hunting!!

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