Amazing Kid With Bow And Arrow [Watch]
I've always wanted to have a real bow. Since I was little playing cowboys and indians. I figure the indians got the short end of the stick when it came to fighting dudes with guns so I always wanted to be an indian. This kid has already become an expert! Watch!
The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen All Day [Watch]
Every day I search the internet for the one thing that makes me laugh the most. Usually it involves cats, dogs, news anchors, or kids. Today it's kids! This little boy seems to believe that the act of "whistling" is impossible. See the video for a hardy har har laugh.
Donut Snatcher Busted [VIDEO]
"Get your story straight"!  Life is full of teaching moments and this young Donut Snatcher really has a lesson to learn.  You can't help but laugh at the trouble this young man has with telling the truth.