Texas Schools Have Among the Lowest SAT Scores in the Nation
School is getting ready to start up again, and students are getting excited about new friends, new teachers, new backpacks, and a brand new start. And there's this not-so-happy news that Texas ranks among the lowest in the US for SAT scores, so we gotta buckle down. There is one bright spot.
Louisiana is “More Fun” Than Texas
If you have a really fun weekend planned, that might mean you're headed to Louisiana. One site says Texas is just a mediocre place for fun, but Louisiana is a Top 5 spot for amusement. Really?  Ok, why?!
High Ranking for Nacogdoches
The SFA Lumberjacks have four straight Southland Conference titles, three straight NCAA Tournament appearances, and two appearances into the 3rd round of that same tournament.  Those kinds of numbers have gotten Nacogdoches noticed on a national scale.
How did East Texas Rank?
When it comes to the best cities in Texas to raise a family, Lufkin and Nacogdoches both scored in the bottom 10 percent.  At least, that's according to a study commissioned by WalletHub, but, I take this all in with a major grain of salt.