Texas ranks 27th on the list that highlights real costs of smoking, and some of these numbers are unbelievable!

If you've never wanted to kick the habit before,  the idea that you could have a million dollars leftover might be just what you need.  Holy....um, smokes.

The lifetime cost of smoking in Texas is $1.4 million, according to Wallethub.  Smokers are spending about $28,000 per year, according to the report, not only on cigarettes, but also on medical issues that pop up because of smoking.  Lost income is also factored in, along with issues that creep in because of second hand smoke.

It's harder to smoke in Lufkin than it used to be, but people are still doing it.  The local ordinance is in effect that bans smoking at city or county facilities, hospitals, stores and restaurants.  There are fewer places to light up, but we still see it outside bars and office buildings, and inside cars in the parking lot right before it's time to clock into work.

Have you noticed a decrease in smoking scenes in movies and on TV?  We have.  So as we see less of it in the big picture, maybe fewer people will pick up the habit and the costs associated will decrease.  Until then, Texans are spending big bucks on it.  According to this, instead of playing the lottery, all a smoker has to do to become a millionaire is put down the smokes.  Who knew!

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