A new name in radio begins with a familiar voice on Monday night, July 2. Taste of Country Nights will air nightly from 7PM to midnight on 34 country stations nationwide Monday through Friday. Host Jeremy Robinson promises a house party atmosphere on his new show, with people dropping by at any moment with (or without) an invite.

“Anybody can pop in. Listeners poppin’ in, your favorite country stars poppin’ in for an impromptu acoustic performance… Everybody is stopping by to have fun,” Robinson said just hours before his inaugural show, adding, “This show is gonna be the most fun on the radio.”

The Band Perry will be the first guests on Taste of Country Nights on Monday (July 2). Even if it’s not broadcast in your area, the music-intensive show is available for everyone to listen to for free, either online or by selecting any of these radio station’s webstreams. Regular features include the Top 5 (a countdown of the day’s hottest songs), the Taste of Country Showdown, the Impossible Question and a feature called Poor Poor Pitiful Me.

“If you had a terrible day, we invite you to come on, call us and in 10 seconds or less, tell us why specifically that day was so bad,” Robinson said explaining Poor Poor Pitiful Me, a good-natured call-in feature. It’s not just whining — his goal is to turn bad days around with the help of other listeners. In fact, Taste of Country Nights fans will help decide the winners of each of these features. You can even vote for your favorite songs for the Top 5 and the Showdown right now!

Producer Todd Chambless will be a secondary, but important, voice on Taste of Country Nights. Robinson said he and Chambless have been working together for nearly 15 years, including a stint at KSCS in Dallas, Texas and the syndicated ‘The Jeremy Show.’ Both guys are true blue country music fans, and they approach interviews in that way. There’s none of the fluff or scripted conversation one may find elsewhere.

“I don’t like to talk to an artist if they just want to talk about something that they’re pushing,” Robinson said, clarifying, “because they’re not coming to play. They gotta come to play.”

And of course, Jeremy Robinson comes to play. His personality is light-hearted, fun and energetic. Plus, he’s willing to take jokes as well as dish them out. With little prodding, he even admitted to sporting one short-lived but wildly popular mid-90s hairstyle. No, not the mullet…

“When I was growing up, I had one of those rattails. That was embarrassing,” Robinson admits. “And I had a good ol’ fashion … flat top. But no mullets as of yet.”

If he does decide to grow a country-style mullet, you’ll be sure to find it on the Taste of Country Nights homepage. Be sure to tune in tonight — and every night — for all of the fun!

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