Felicia Arnold, an educator at Dunbar Primary in Lufkin, is the KICKS 105/Whataburger Teacher of the Day $1,000 grant winner for the Fall 2016 semester. 

Every weekday during the school year, the Merrell in the Morning Show on KICKS 105 highlights an East Texas area educator as our Teacher of the Day.  That teacher receives a certificate which includes what the nominator had to say about him or her, plus free Whataburger gift cards.  At the end of the semester, a drawing for a $1,000 grant is held in which all of the Teachers of the Day are included...and this semester, Mrs. Arnold's name was drawn.

Representatives from Whataburger, LISD, and KICKS 105 decided to surprise Felicia with the good news while a 'Chase Santa' event was being held in the Dunbar Gym.  You can take a look at the presentation and see a very shocked Felicia Arnold.

When the next semester starts up in January, we're doing it again!  Every weekday, we'll announce a new KICKS 105/Whataburger Teacher of the Day.  Then, at the end of the semester in May, What-A-Guy and the whole crew will be out again surprising another educator with a $1,000 grant.  All of our Teachers of the Day from the Fall semester will also be eligible for that prize.

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