The 37th annual Texas State Forest Festival presented by Brookshire Brothers is coming to the George H. Henderson Jr. Expo Center September 16-19.  There are several new attractions that festivalgoers will be able to enjoy.  One of those is the Sea Lion Splash Show.  Another new feature is Danny Conner's Reptile Adventures, featuring crocodiles, snakes, snapping turtles and more.

Whether it is crocodilians, snakes, lizards, spiders or scorpions, Reptile Adventures is making it fun to protect and understand the cold-blooded planet. Reptile Adventures invites the crowd to ignite their senses and plunge into an exciting interactive education about all things reptilian.

Conner, known as the "The Croc Doc,” is the owner of Reptile Adventures. Conner has been keeping and caring for reptiles for over 30 years. His unique background blend of education, science and theater makes Reptile Adventures the number one reptile show in the country. Conner educates, entertains and fascinates crowds of all ages as he shares his love, knowledge and respect for these amazing and intriguing animals.

Conner is well respected, and is often an expert source among his colleagues, and other reptile professionals. He is known for his passion, his diverse and impressive collection, and for his general love of all animals, especially the cold-blooded kind.

Reptile Adventures is a reptile exhibit with presentations. The exhibit is open all day to the public and is always attended by a Reptile Adventure's employee. Learn more about the new festival show

The Texas State Forest Festival is one of the year's biggest events in East Texas.  It features the Hushpuppy Championships, Pom Squad and Dance Team competition, Cheerleading competition, carnival, and plenty of fun and food for the whole family.

TFF Reptile Show


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