Are you familiar with the 'One Chip Challenge'?

A tortilla chip is dusted with Carolina Reaper Pepper dust/powder, sold at a hefty profit, and those with the intestinal fortitude are challenged to consume said pepper chip.  Numerous videos had been posted showing folks sweating, screaming, crying, vomiting, and various other unpleasant bodily sounds and functions.

Move over 'One Chip Challenge' and welcome to the extreme Texas heat.  May we present spontaneously combusting tortilla chips.  Yes, it's that hot in Texas.

According to a Facebook post from the Austin Fire Department, they recently had to make two calls to southeast Austin due to discarded crates of tortilla chips being on fire.  After further investigation, it was determined that the chips had spontaneously caught on fire.

On a separate note, the first day of Fall is still two months away.


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