We rock the beer and barbecue in Texas, but when it comes to having the biggest draws for tourists, we're left completely off the "best of the best" list.  We don't have Yosemite or Yellowstone, and the closest "best" tourist destination is about 1200 miles away.  BUT, see why this may be a good thing.

Isn't it more fun to get away?  I mean really get away to a place that's totally out of the comfort zone?  Ahem, play along.  This would be the bright side of not having Times Square, or the French Quarter within a stone's throw.  Those poor New Yorkers and folks from Loo-zee-Anna.  They can't truly get away from it all, with all that fun right their back yards.

US News and World Report says the Best Places to Visit in the USA include New York, Honolulu, Maui, Yellowstone, and Yosemite in the Top 10.  New Orleans is #12. It is kinda nice have the French Quarter within a day's drive.

The #1 place to visit, according the US News, is a place you've probably either been to or it's on your bucket list.  The Grand Canyon.  It's 1200 miles from East Texas, but worth the drive and it will produce a bunch of great new pictures to plaster all over your social media pages.  You're the king of the world over there.

Despite all this, if you're thinking stay-cation this summer, what's the best spot to hit in Texas?  In East Texas?  We may not have many geysers and cliffs, but we do have some great water parks, roller coasters, pro sports, lake views, and Shiner. And we can fry anything and put it on a stick!  Something that you won't find at the Grand Canyon.

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