We're almost there. Fall is right around the corner. I realize that that's a little bit hard to imagine when the temperatures are still floating in and around triple digits, but it really is coming. I mean, the kids are back in school, football season is starting, and heck, Starbucks has even brought back their Pumpkin Spice Latte.

But, with that being said, it's time for us to ENJOY fall. Enjoy the time that the leaves change color. Enjoy the days getting shorter. Enjoy the temperature getting cooler. And, there's one thing that you HAVE to do, in order to enjoy fall to the fullest extent.

Are you ready for this? This is pretty in-depth stuff. This is something that you MUST keep in mind. If you don't follow this one simple, crucial rule, you won't enjoy fall, believe it or not.

Alright. The one rule for enjoying fall is...


Yep, that's it. Between now and Christmas, we've still got almost four months to go. Plus, there are a couple of pretty big holidays within those four months! That's Halloween and Thanksgiving, for those of you that weren't sure which ones I was referring to.

I've already seen multiple posts with Christmas countdowns. My gosh! Save those for December 1st! Or, at the very least, save them for the day AFTER Thanksgiving. So, there you have it. The one, most important tip for enjoying fall is don't rush Christmas. Save the stress of gift-shopping and Christmas decorating for later on down the calendar road.

You're welcome.

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