Sometime around sunrise on Sunday, February 12, 2023, a KICKS 105 surveillance camera captured a prowler busting through a ceiling tile in the main lobby of the radio station. (Keep your eyes fixed to the top right of the video)

Give the creature its due. It displayed lightning-fast reflexes and very strong arms in order to hang on and not come crashing to the floor.

At first, the consensus was that a raccoon had somehow infiltrated our building and was going for a morning stroll through the cobwebs and cabling above our ceiling. But, for two reasons, we later decided it was probably a cat and not a raccoon.

First reason...he wasn't packing heat.


The second reason is this grainy, close-up photo. This looks more like a tabby cat than a chubby raccoon.


So, now we are trying our best to close off outside points where the cat may have gained access to our ceiling.

Making the Top Three

I believe this cat invasion moves us into the top 3 home invasions by a four-legged creature in Lufkin that has happened over the past five years. Actually, no such Top 3 list exists, but it gives me a good reason to revisit these invasions to which Lufkin Police responded.

Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath

In 2018, Corporal Dale Dodd and Officer Sean Alexander responded to a 'trespassing call'. The intruder was found in a bathtub, but could not make a 'clean' getaway. Officers were able to apprehend the invader and return him to his natural habitat.

"It's a deer, it's a deer, stand down!"

In 2019, Lufkin Police responded to a home invasion in progress. With the house surrounded and guns drawn, officers entered the home and engaged the intruder...

Now, that is an action-packed video, especially when compared to our boring cat video. We believe our cat intruder is part of a group of cats who roam around the neighborhood surrounding our studio complex. With that in mind, please drive safely when traveling near the area of Raguet and South First Street in Lufkin.

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