Home Security Shield has released a list of what they consider to be the 'most dangerous' cities in the Lone Star State.  Houston...is in the top ten, but guess which East Texas city is ahead of it. 

Lufkin....yes, Lufkin.  The county seat of Angelina County comes in as the 3rd most dangerous city in Texas.

Now, before you sell your home and move to Dallas (it came in at #21), keep in mind the somewhat flawed nature of the crunching of numbers.  Home Security Shield (HSS) took their crime statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, and HSS made no differentiation between violent crimes and property crimes.  So,the crime of swiping a bicycle from the front of a business gets the same leverage as sexual assault or murder.

Thank you, but I'll keep my East Texas home.

So, as it is, according to these stats, the chances are 1 in 15 of becoming victim of a crime, minor or major, in Lufkin.  Here's a listing of the top 20.

  1. Weslaco
  2. Texarkana
  3. Lufkin
  4. Edinburg
  5. San Antonio
  6. Lubbock
  7. Houston
  8. Beaumont
  9. Paris
  10. Corsicana
  11. Galveston
  12. Austin
  13. Longview
  14. San Benito
  15. Hurst
  16. Harlingen
  17. Lancaster
  18. Laredo
  19. Waco
  20. Tyler

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