Dog owners just got a new option for spending time with their furry friends. Last month K9 Cinemas held their grand opening in Plano Texas. This movie theater lets you take your dog to watch films on the big screen, with the atmosphere, food and drinks you'd find at traditional theaters.

Owner Erik Lankford and his dog Bear founded K9 Cinemas so dog lovers could enjoy the movie-going experience together. Lankford told news agencies, "We want people to be able to relax and watch the movie just like they would at home."

Rules for Watching Movies With Dogs

The theater is showing older movies, not new releases. K9 Cinema has three rules for making the experience enjoyable for everyone:

  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Come prepared to prove your pet has had his or her vaccinations.
  • Only two dogs per human allowed.

Pet owners should expect the movie-viewing experience to be noisier than regular theaters. Dogs have to stay on a leash except in designated areas. The idea is to create a laid-back atmosphere where people and animals can be comfortable.

Ticket Prices and Concessions

How does the cost of viewing a movie with your dog compare to regular movie theater tickets? K9 Cinemas' website advertises adult tickets currently cost $12.50, with "pup child" tickets for $5.00. Also, they offer free "bottomless" wine or four whiskeys with adult movie tickets.

The movie theater concession stand carries the standard movie snacks. They advertise popcorn, soft drinks, candy and dog treats, so you and your pet can both munch while you watch. Your movie date is guaranteed to be appreciative, but you might have to take him or her outside to go to the bathroom during the movie.

The theater is currently open only on weekends, but the owner says his goal is for K9 Cinemas to be open seven days a week.

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