Tourism can be a business boost, but having all those visitors in town all the time must get a little annoying.  Those poor native Hawaiians, for example, have people in Bermuda shorts and bucket hats invading their white sandy beaches all the time, and it must get a little tiring.

There's one Texas town that gets more weary with tourists than any other.  What town is it, and do they REALLY have that many visitors?  

Arlington gets the Cowboys fans, that's for sure.  Arlington is the home of AT&T Stadium, Six Flags Over Texas, the Hurricane Harbor water park, and about 400,000 people who would rather have all of that to themselves.

USA Today Travel says Arlington is the spot that gets the most tired of tourists, topping New York City!  New Yorkers must be used to all of the visitors and numb to it, and Arlington is still kinda new at it and notices drivers that don't know where they're going. Texas overall though is at least semi-friendly to tourists. Rhode Island is the state that gets the most hostile toward visitors.

How did they figure all of this out?  Twitter!  Arlington is the city that offers the most mean tweets apparently, and Rhode Island is the state that posts the most tweets telling visitors to go home.

Should we start tweeting to invite people here?  We're got good barbecue and beer, plenty of shopping, and high school football teams that could kick anyone's butt.  And all of that might be more fun than the big cities anyway.

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