There are literally thousands of historical markers throughout the Lone Star State.  I see them as I travel up and down the highways and streets of Texas, like these two in Nacogdoches, but, like the vast majority of travelers, I see them as a blur.  

I don't think I have ever stopped my vehicle to take a look at the inscription on a historical marker plaque  And, that is a shame.  Given the deep and storied history present in East Texas, there are a multitude of sites that would truly interest me.

What is the story behind the ferry that crossed the Neches just south of Diboll?  Where are some of the missions that were established in the early 1700s in and around the Nacogdoches area?  Which house did Sam Houston call home in Nacodgoches?

I stumbled upon the Texas Historical Commission website a few days ago and I have been spending time there every day.  It features an interactive map where you can click on any historical marker to learn the details of that site. (You'll probably need to zoom into a certain area before the interactive dots pop up)  You can also get the details behind cemeteries, museums, and much more.  I did notice that some of the details did not match the marker in question, but, for the most part, the facts were correct.   You can also look up specific counties and sites on a different page.


Texas Historical Commission
Texas Historical Commission

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