There are over 16,000 historical markers across Texas. These include the Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks(RTHL), subject markers, and Historic Texas Cemetery marker programs.

The History of Texas Historical Markers

The Texas Historical Commission's marker program has been around for over six decades. Properties that are judged to be historically and architecturally significant are considered.

The Texas Historical Marker Program takes into account the age, historical significance, and in the case of buildings, the architectural integrity is a main factor.

Are You Interested in Texas History?

If Texas history interests you, then you should take a look at the available resources that catalog all of the historic landmarks across Texas. This website is a good start to dive into the stories behind the history of the Lone Star State.

When you scan through the numerous historical markers that have been designated in Texas, you'll find that the majority of them identify historical homes and locations, cemeteries, towns, and battle sites, pretty straightforward stuff.

The Strange and Bizarre Texas History

However, some markers give historical accounts that will raise eyebrows.  Ever heard of the Wild Man of the Navidad? Have you visited Baby Head Cemetery? What about the Great Camel Experiment?

I'm on a mission to scan through every historical marker in Texas in the hope of finding some of the strangest and most compelling stories in the history of our Lone Star State. It's going to take me a while to go through all 16,000+ markers and landmarks, but I've made it through several thousand of them, and that has been enough for me to find several head-turners.

For now, here are my top 11 most bizarre Texas historical markers (part one)

11 of the Most Bizarre Historical Markers in Texas

There are over 16,000 historical markers and landmarks in Texas, here are 11 of the most bizarre and unusual

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