No one is going to pull out the calendar, but if Thomas Rhett was legally old enough to enjoy a ‘Beer With Jesus’ when he recorded the song, it wasn’t by much. What matters is whether or not the Georgia born singer is polished enough to carry the poignant lyric. 

He is, but not by much. ‘Beer With Jesus’ isn’t quite the get to church moment it could be with the 22-year-old on the microphone, but it will still ring like a school bell to those most in need of saving. Two long verses miss an opportunity to bring country fans to their knees, but the chorus and bridge are strong and memorable.

You can bet I’d order up a couple tall ones / And tell the waitress to put ‘em on my tab / I’d be sure to let him do the talking / Be careful when I got the chance to ask…” Rhett sings to end a long first verse.

He continues:

Tell me how’d you turn the other cheek / To save a sorry soul like me / Do you hear the prayers I send / What happens when life ends / And when you think you’re coming back again / I’d tell everyone but no one would believe it / If I could have a beer with Jesus.” Later, he asks about mom and dad in a moment that could leave a fragile conscience in shambles.

What’s on the other side / Is mom and daddy all right / And if it ain’t no trouble tell them I said hi.”

What’s perhaps most amazing, though, is that no one has every put the idea of having a beer with Jesus in a country song before. Much like the tagless T-shirt, ‘Beer With Jesus’ leaves one thinking, “What took so long to think of this?” The song benefits from an inherited familiarity for this reason, allowing one to enjoy it more easily after just one listen.

3.5 Stars

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