We recently shared a story about how National French Fry day raised a lot of questions. Apparently none of those questions were answered, and now we have even more mysteries on our hands.

Today, (July 19th) is National Hot Dog day. It's also National Daiquiri day. Do not get that information twisted. It is not Hot Dog & Daiquiri day. These are two separate "holidays" that happen to share the same date.

Attempting to celebrate both of these holidays will surely cause a rumbling in your collective tummies, and some poor soul will have to mop up light green hot dog chunks off their porch.

We get it, it's still summer so folks are eating hot dogs and drinking daiquiris, but seriously thinking of these two consumable items at the same time is disturbing.

Hopefully this won't spark future internet challenges of people chugging daiquiris and scarfing down mustard covered wieners to see how good of a Linda Blair (Exorcist) impression they can do.

What National "so-called" holidays are you looking forward to? Does anybody actually celebrate these random days? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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