We've heard Donald Trump wigs are selling like crazy, and "the dress" that made the rounds on the internet will be a hot Halloween costume too.  Other ideas are based on animated movie characters and involve a lot of yellow and blue face paint.

When I took my girls to see Inside Out a few months ago, my first thought wasn't to dress them up as Sadness, Anger, and Joy for Halloween.  In fact, none of my girls really liked Joy.  They were much more intrigued by the negative emotions, which may be another issue in itself.  Oh boy....maybe I should force them all to be Joy for Halloween!  Entertainment Weekly says the Inside Out characters are a good Halloween costume idea if you can find a wig and face paint.  And The Minions will be big among kids who want to paint themselves yellow and walk around with one eye.

For guys, grab a Patriots jersey and carry around a flat football and you're Tom Brady. Don'tcha love easy costumes?

The new Star Wars movie doesn't come out until December, but the merchandise is already everywhere and Halloween costumes are part of that.  You may see a few Jurassic Park raptors too because we just can't get away from movie-related characters.

Viral videos always show up as Halloween costumes too, and the pizza rat will be a big one. That rat carried an entire slice of pizza down the steps at a New York City subway, and someone equipped with a smart phone captured it for the masses and it went viral.  Without social media a rat with a slice of pizza would an odd and kind of gross costume, but now we're like, "Oh!  That rat!  He's cute."

Sexy costumes are big for women again, even an Orange is the New Black prison costume.

The best ideas come from chatting with friends and co-workers and bouncing ideas off of each other, so if you've got a good one, let us know on Facebook.  Unless of course you want to keep it a secret because it's just so awesome you don't want anyone else to copy you on Halloween.  Then we'll wait for the pics on social media.  You sexy pizza rat, you.

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