Thursday at the Angelina County Fair it was a mixture of lambs, goats, geldings, and fillies that filled the floor of the Expo Center in Lufkin...that and quite a lot of nervous moments for the youth that have worked so hard. 

Once again, we were treated to a visit by some of the top finishers on the Merrell in the Morning Show.


McKenna Cole, Devon Lout, Ryan Merrel, Cade Milligan, Kyler Duren, Dalton Morton, Justin Boulware, Chelsey Brown


And thanks to Addison Dodd who brought by her award winning braided lemon bread.


Here are the results from Thursday:

  • Grand Champion Market Lamb:  Cade Milligan, Hudson FFA
  • Reserve Champion Market Lamb:  Kyler Duren, Lufkin FFA
  • Champion Light Weight Lamb:  Abby Bryson, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Light Weight Lamb:  Mattie Nicholson, 4-H Horse Club
  • Champion Medium Weight Lamb:  Montana Grimes, Huntington FFA
  • Reserve Champion Medium Weight Lamb:  Peyton Mathis, 4-H Horse Club
  • Champion Heavy Weight Lamb:  Cade Milligan, Hudson FFA
  • Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Lamb:  Kyler Duren, Lufkin FFA
  • Jr. Market Lamb Showmanship Award:  Justin Boulware, Zavalla 4-H
  • Sr. Market Lamb Showmanship Award:  Cade Milligan, Hudson FFA
  • Grand Champion Market Goat:  McKenna Cole, Livestock 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Market Goat:  Dalton Morton, Huntington 4-H
  • Champion Light Weight Goat:  Cody Smith, Livestock 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Light Weight Goat: Colton Moreno, Zavalla 4-H
  • Champion Medium-Light Weight Goat:  Dalton Morton, Huntington 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Medium-Light Weight Goat:  Colby Mettlen, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Champion Medium Weight Goat:  Grayson Sims, Blue Ribbon 4-H

  • Reserve Medium Weight Goat:  Harley Ledford, 4-H Horse Club

  • Champion Medium-Heavy Weight Goat:  Garret Ashabranner, Hudson FFA

  • Reserve Medium-Heavy Weight Goat:  Aliah Cordova, Lufkin FFA

  • Champion Heavy Weight Goat:  McKenna Cole, Livestock 4-H

  • Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Goat:  Karli Wise, Zavalla 4-H
  • Jr. Meat Goat Showmanship Award:  Dalton Morton, Huntington 4-H
  • Sr. Meat Goat Showmanship Award:  Jennings Sanders - 4-H Horse Club
  • Grand Champion Gelding:  Chelsey Brown, Zavalla 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Gelding:  Clarice Flesher, Huntington FFA
  • Grand Champion Filly:  Justin Boulware, Zavalla 4-H
  • Reserve Champion Filly:  Devon Lout, Huntington 4-H
  • Jr. Showmanship:  Monty Powers, Central 4-H
  • Sr. Showmanship:  Chelsey Brown, Zavalla 4-H

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