This has become far too common of an occurrence in Nacogdoches.  According to a post on the Nacogdoches Police Department's Facebook Page, detectives are investigating yet another shooting that has happened in the Oldest Town in Texas.

Around 1:43 a.m. early Friday morning (August 6), the Nacogdoches Police Department responded to the Orton Hill Apartment Complex after receiving reports of gunshots. This apartment complex is located just inside the southeast loop in Nacogdoches, near McMichael Middle School.

When Nacogdoches Police Officers arrived, they located two teenagers that had suffered multiple gunshot wounds while they were sitting in a parked vehicle. Officers were unable to find the suspects in this shooting.  They believe the suspects fled in a vehicle prior to officers arriving. No information has been released as of yet concerning the description of that vehicle.

Both teenager victims were transported to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital with what is believed to be non life threatening injuries. Nacogdoches Police Officers were on the scene for several hours in the 3000 block of EJ Campbell Blvd where the shooting occurred.  As further information becomes available it will be released

In the past month, Nacogdoches has been the scene of a number of shootings that have responded to by the Nacogdoches Police Department.  Most recently, officers responded to a shooting that led to the injury of three persons and the death of one person. That shooting took place in the 1400 block of Dolph Street, near Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary School.  Five persons have been arrested in that shooting and charged with murder.


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