These days, there are video games created for just about anything you can imagine. So, we did some brainstorming, and we came up with ideas that video game designers could make happen, featuring our little part of the world behind the Pine Curtain.

  • 1

    Frogger: North Street

    Remember the old Frogger games where the object was to get the frog across the roads without getting run over? Same concept here, only it's nearly impossible, because it features North St. in Nacogdoches.

  • 2

    Build It: Donut Shops and Emergency Rooms

    Since these tend to be the two types of businesses that pop up most often, and the quickest, why not have a game where you build and manage them. It would be similar to the Sim City games, only you'd be focusing on breakfast places and ERs.

    If not a Sim City style game, maybe just a game where you play as an employee at a new restaurant on the opening day. That would be difficult.

  • 3

    Get Out Of Walmart Alive

    This has the same idea as escape rooms, only this time it's all based in Walmart. Avoid the weekend warriors and coupon conquerors, and - like the name implies - get out alive.

    The gameplay could be like the Metal Gear series.

  • 4

    Highway 59 Havoc

    So, here you go, the first racing game on the list. The game takes place on Highway 59 between Nacogdoches and Lufkin, and you have to make it to your destination while avoiding traffic stops, road construction, and - most importantly - other drivers. *Note: This would be one of the most difficult games you've ever played, near impossible to beat.*

  • 5

    Axe 'Em! The Lumberjack Life

    Live out the life of an SFA Lumberjack. Sounds simple enough, right? Hmmmm...

  • 6

    Black Friday Bonanza: Surving Lufkin

    Another difficult game. This one focuses on you having to get all of your shopping done on Black Friday in Lufkin while avoiding hectic conditions in stores, getting run over in parking lots, and throwing down with the lady that took your spot in line.

  • 7

    The Backroads Of Deep East Texas

    The concept of this is simple, a racing game that features the backroads of our beloved area. Some of the courses would include Highway 21 between San Augustine and Nacogdoches, Highway 184 between Bronson and Hemphill, Highway 96 (any of it), among others. Just be sure to avoid obstacles like, you know, deer and stuff.

  • 8

    So You Think You're Smarter Than A Radio DJ?

    This is just like the TV show! Only this time, instead of going up against students, you'll be pitted against the local guys like Danny Merrell, Sean Ericson, Dan Patrick, and of course, yours truly!

  • 9

    Big Bass Splash: The Video Game

    The name gives this one away. It's not misleading at all. You're a fisherman taking part in the Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash. And - obviously - you get the chance to choose whether you want to fish Sam Rayburn or Toledo Bend.

  • 10

    Handlin' The Honkytonk

    You get to be the manager and you get to call the shots. You sign the performers and attractions of the local dance hall, you keep your customers happy, and you keep everything in your budget so that you could make a profit. Could you handle it?

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