Friday, November 11th, Huntington ISD presented their 21st annual Veteran's Day Program.  Huntington has a great reputation of holding one of the best programs in East Texas, and once again they did not disappoint. 

Veteran's were not only escorted down the red carpet by members of the Huntington Highsteppers, but this year the Huntington High School band greeted veterans with a medley of armed services theme songs.

The program kicked off with the pledge of allegiance delivered by Preslie Harris.  Then, Huntington Middle School educator Britni Bryan sang a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Students Chandler Bledsoe, Ashton Morris, Nathaniel Endsley, and McKenzie Moore took the stage for a 'Remember our Heritage' segment.  Following that was the presentation of the flags of the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Army, and Air Force with narration by Grace Horn, Weston Reynolds, Lindsay Murphy, Baylee Williams, and Cora Ray.

Over the past 15 or so years, I have had the privilege to be a special guest of the program.  My job is to announce the names of the veterans in attendance.  It's a lengthy list (around 200) of men and women who have served our country from the 2nd World War to present day Operations.  I would also like to give a shout out to Ashlyn Carrell who gave me a wonderful introduction.

This year's program was focused more on a laid back approach, so the facade of front porch is where masters of ceremony Miranda Clifton and Adrian Neal sat in rocking chairs and introduced the various elements of the program.

The Heart of the Pines Chorus based in Nacogdoches performed a variety of acapella patriotic songs. There were a series of tribute videos, Taps performed by soloist Dylan Waldrep, and a series of patriotic quotes delivered by Matt Pierson, Macy Turner, Keath Kibbey, Amber Kirkland, Sarah Howard, Felicia Gray, Samantha Morton, Sydney Felts, Barrett Duncan, and Hanna Wilson.

A free BBQ lunch for the veterans and their families was served following the program.

I would like to salute all of the wonderful folks that spend countless hours putting this salute together.  From the administration, educators, students, and countless volunteers.  The video above shows some of the highlights from the program.

Huntington also did a Livestream of this year's event and the full program can be viewed here.

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