When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade, so what do you do when life gives you tons of snow?

Vern Scoville has lots of experience building epic snowmen.  Last year, he built a 25-foot-tall snowman.  How do you top a 25-foot-tall snowman?  If you’re Vern Scoville, you build a 35-foot-tall snowman. A man in Champion, New York, built a 35-foot-tall snowman with tires for buttons, a traffic cone for a nose, and a swimming pool for a hat on his Jefferson County property.  The massive snowman has been dubbed Big Frosty.

The snowman is plainly visible from Route 126, the nearby main road for the town 70 miles north of Syracuse, New York.  Scoville started building epic snowmen to bring his friends and family together after the holiday season.  I imagine this year, with record snowfalls in New York state, Scoville has plenty of snow to build his snowman.

If East Texas does get some snow, I want to see pictures of your snowman!