When I was growing up, T-REX-S was always a big deal in Nacogdoches. Tractors, side-by-sides, etc. They were always a big name in Nac. Just a few years ago, they changed their name to Big Tex Agriplex and moved out on the loop on Old Tyler Road.

This move left the original T-REX-S building vacant, and it's - basically - remained that way. I think it may have had a political party campaign headquartered in it at one point, but don't quote me on that.

It's still a pretty cool building though, and it seems a shame that it's vacant. So, that's when the gears started turning. What should go in the old building? A few of my thoughts are below:

  • Mark Davis


    Whether you're a kid or an adult, this could be awesome to the city of Nacogdoches.

  • Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

    Apple Store

    Any Apple Tech fans out there? I mean, it'd be a rather large store, but well worth it, right?

  • Michael Nagle, Getty Images

    Toys R Us

    This is another one that you don't necessarily have to be child to enjoy.

  • Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media


    No justification needed.

  • Photo Courtesy of Hello Darlin Photography


    I mean, c'mon. Tell me this wouldn't be an awesome, AWESOME thing in Nac.

  • Getty Images

    Waffle House

    Because who doesn't want breakfast at 3 AM?

  • Andrew Burton

    Donut Shop

    Just kidding. I think Nac has reached the maximum number of those already. 10 is plenty.