A couple of days ago, news broke out all over the internet that the retailer Bed Bath & Beyond will be closing 40 of their stores across the nation in 2019, and be opening 15 new lab stores as well.

However, the question becomes: Will the Lufkin location be affected?

The store in Lufkin that I'm referring to is located in the same shopping center as Best Buy, Old Navy and Ross, to name a few of the stores. It's the only location in Deep East Texas. Will it survive the closings? We're talking about a store where you can locate those hard-to- find kitchen utensils, towels of every color that you can imagine, and of course, the "As Seen On TV" section with all the gadgets and gizmos. This is a store where people go to register for weddings, because they provide all the necessities - and desires - of people to stock kitchens across the world.

Does anyone in Deep East Texas have any insight into whether or not our Bed Bath & Beyond location in Lufkin will be closing? If you do, let us know in the comments below. We'll be keeping this updated with information as we get it, so feel free to check back here.


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