The Houston Astros dominated the MLB last year. If you need proof, just look at their World Series trophy and each of the players World Series rings. This year, it looked like they were poised to repeat history, doing exceptionally well in the regular season, and completely obliterating the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS (American League Division Series). Now, the Astros seem to have hit a slight bump in the road during the ALCS (American League Championship Series). Namely, the Boston Red Sox.

The Astros came out and beat the Red Sox in game one of the ALCS, 7-2. Since then, it's been all about Boston, with the Red Sox taking three games in a row, 7-5, 8-2, and 8-6. Granted, there was a rather questionable call that involved a two-run Jose Altuve home-run being ruled as fan interference, resulting in an out. For those of you that haven't seen or heard about this, fans interfered with the catch by Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts, causing him to miss the catch. Regardless of whether the ball was already out of play or not, they hindered the catch, and there wasn't a definitive camera angle to disprove the play. So, those two runs could have been crucial and potentially changed the outcome of the whole game.

Now, the Houston Astros are facing a do-or-die situation. If they don't go on a three-game winning streak, their hopes for back-to-back national titles go away. On the other side, all the Red Sox have to do is win one more game to take this best-of-seven series. And, they have potentially three chances to do it. The Astros only have one.

So, here's my question to you: Will the Houston Astros rally after their last loss and come back to win the ALCS? Will they be heading back to the World Series for the second year in a row? Or, will the Boston Red Sox be heading to the World Series? We'll just have to wait and see. Let us know you thoughts in the comments below.


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