The new baby white lion at Ellen Trout Zoo is approaching 2 weeks old, and needs a name! Click the link in the story to vote, so we will all know what to call him!

Adia, the female African lion at the Ellen Trout Zoo, second cub is in need of a name!  He was born on  July 2016 at 3:30 in the afternoon. The biggest surprise to the staff was that he's white! Everyone at the Zoo is so proud of our community and they want all of us to be a part in the naming process.  They have set up a survey with names and descriptions. Click Here to vote. Hurry, they are only taking the first 1,000 suggestions. I voted for Ghali because it means unique in Swahili.  And he certainly is that!

I'm not trying to sway your vote, so take a look at all the names and meanings and see what you think.


Hope the name you chose gets picked, good luck! So how rare is it to have a white lion birth? Pretty rare according to the zoo.

Zoo Curator, Celia Falzone contacted the Lion Species Survival Plan (SSP) coordinator in an effort to determine the frequency of white lion births. According to SSP records, white cubs are uncommon in accredited zoos in the program. One born a couple of years ago reverted to normal coloration when it was about six months old. Will this lion remain white? Only time will tell but everyone at the Ellen Trout Zoo is thrilled at the birth and are happy mother and cub appear to be doing so well.