In 2002, a new type of footwear called Crocs was introduced.  Twenty years later, Crocs is a giant, netting some $725 million in 2021.

I must admit, when Crocs first came out and I saw a few of my friends wearing them, I made fun of them...both the shoes and my friends.  I mean, it looked like nothing more than a molded piece of rubber with numerous holes in them.  I laughed even more when some of my buddies wore them to the beach and came back with a series of sunburnt dots on their feet.

A few years ago, everyone in my family had a pair of Crocs.  Whenever I took our dogs outside for their last bathroom break of the night, I would borrow my son's Crocs.  I finally had to admit that they were comfy, convenient, and useful.  So, that next Christmas, Santa brought me a pair.

I've noticed more and more over the last couple of years, that Crocs are coming out in many more colors and designs. They have now become a fashion statement.  In some cases, they reflect your personality, your likes and dislikes, and sometimes they just reflect how odd you are.

I decided to do some research and find some of the most unique styles of Crocs that are on the market.  I found quite a few on the Crocs website, but I saw many more custom-made Crocs on shopping sites that were quite foreign to me. I'm assuming that these are actual Crocs on their websites because Crocs is trademarked and you couldn't use it otherwise, right?

I'm sure there are hundreds of custom-designed and personalized Crocs on the market, but here are my top 19.

Unique Styles of Crocs

Crocs have not only become a fashion statement, but they can also make a statement about your personality, your favorite team, or your desire to be unique and creative. Take a look at these peculiar Croc offerings

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