Here are five safety tips to follow so you don't spend unwanted dollars and have a safe online shopping experience on Cyber Monday:

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    Secure Online Payment System

    When buying your items online today, be sure to verify that the website is using a secured payment system when it's time to check out.

    Payment methods such as Paypal, Secure Payment Systems, Verisign and Securepay are among some of the safest payment accounts you can find because of their leading security measures on the Internet. Look for the secure payment lock logo or secure check marks while checking out of your favorite website.

    Also, look for sites that have 'https://' in the web link before entering your payment or personal information. That extra “s” in the start of a URL  is a signal that the site is secure.

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    Look For Free Shipping

    You can find incredible deals on many of your favorite websites on Cyber Monday - but look for deals that include free shipping and handling if you want to save yourself some money. The price may look inexpensive at first, but if you add in the extra shipping costs, you could be paying more for the item online than at the regular store.

    Baskins is offering free shipping and returns for all items during their Cyber Monday Sale. Save up to 75% off on boots, jeans, totes, wallets, candles and shirts without paying the extra fees.

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    Too Good To Be True Deals

    If you find a deal online that's too good to be true, then it's probably too good to be true. Beware of scammers that promise 'iPads for $1' or 'free flat screen televisions', because you'd never find those types of deal from the Apple store, Best Buy or other retail store as well as pop-up windows promising special deals.

    The Better Business Bureau suggests that you use your credit card instead of your debit card to purchase items, as it's a lot easier to track down frauds and scams via credit card charges. Debit cards give thieves direct access to your savings and checking accounts. Also, you should never respond to emails that ask for your personal or financial information, because major retail stores or websites will never email you additional questions other than the confirmation codes for your purchases.

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    Fake Online Charities

    Beware of online charity scams this year - always do your research before giving out your credit card, bank information or contributions to false organizations.

    There are several Internet resources like the Federal Trade Commission's website or the charities and donors section of the Better Business Bureau's website, which has a directory of national accredited charities. You should always make a donation by check, which is payable to the charity itself (not a different name) in order to avoid identity theft.

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    Have Money In Your Account Before Buying Items

    The worst thing that could happen when you're trying to save money this holiday shopping season is to lose money in unnecessary ways, like bank overdraft fees that can cost you hundreds of dollars.

    Head to The Loan Depot in Lufkin, Nacogdoches or Crockett to get some cash in advance before buying the items you really want online on Cyber Monday. That way, you'll be sure to have money in your account and avoid extra withdrawal fees from your bank.

    The Loan Depot also gives you 12 months to pay, so you won't have to use all of your shopping money to pay them back right away!

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