Nabisco recently released "The Most Stuf" Oreo cookie with 4x the amount of cream filling. While people are cracking jokes all over the internet, I thought it would be funny to look at what some East Texas inspired Oreos might look like.


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    Pecan Pie Filling

    Starting off with a semi-normal cookie idea, I thought it might not be too bad to bite into a pecan pie filling Oreo.

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    Whataburger Honey Butter


    This might be a little off putting to some, while others are probably emailing the Whataburger corporate office to make this a reality.

    I'm adding the word "biscuit" in hopes that they'd add some savory or salty flavors in the mix.

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    Dr Pepper

    This one isn't much of a stretch since you can get Dr Pepper flavored gummies and hard candy.

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    Fried Oreo

    I know what you're thinking. We can buy the bags of Oreos ready to fry, or you could put in the work to fry 'em up right.

    BUT what if Oreo just took all the pancake batter flavor or the fried Oreo, and created a filling that would mimic the taste, and save uss all a lot of work.

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    Did you really think we would leave out a BBQ flavor? It's East Texas!

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