The Power of the Consumer

When companies genuinely listen to the will of the consumer, generally good things happen.

M&M's asked their customers to vote on a new candy color in 1995.

Blue went on to replace tan M&M's. Another fan vote in 2002 brought purple to the mix.

Remember when Coca-Cola changed its formula and taste in 1985 to the 'New Coke'? Complaint calls and letters by the thousands inundated Coke headquarters and executives quickly made the decision to return to the 'classic' flavor.

Some consider this the biggest blunder in retail history, but after they returned to the old recipe, Coca-Cola couldn't have paid for better marketing.

Blue Bell's Bracket Marketing

Blue Bell has launched an initiative that listens to the voices of the, it should create a little fun in the process.

Every so often, Blue Bell will introduce a 'temporary' flavor. It may stay on the shelves for a season or two, but then it will be tucked away into retirement. That flavor may or may not see the light of day again.

Blue Bell is giving you the power to bring back one of those delicious creations by casting your vote in The Great Scoop Revival Flavor Tournament.


The Creamy Sixteen

Blue Bell has already whittled the field down to 16 retired flavors that get the most positive feedback from consumers. I'm calling them the 'Creamy' sixteen, since using another phrase with 'sweet' is already trademarked, and those 'bots would be coming after me with a lawsuit before you could say Homemade Vanilla.

Blue Bell
Blue Bell

Here's the official Blue Bell bracket showing the first-round matchups. I have to admit, there are few flavors in the tourney that I've never heard of such as Creole Cream Cheese and Cherry Amaretto Cordial...but, they sound delicious.

To get more details and to cast your votes, click here.

All The Flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream

From the year-round flavors to the rotational flavors, here are the delicious flavors offered by the Little Creamery in Brenham, Texas - Blue Bell Ice Cream. Most of these are available in the half-gallon container, while some rotational flavors are only available in the pint container.

Gallery Credit: Danny Merrell


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