I have quite a collection of vinyl albums that I started hoarding when I still in grade school.  In fact, sitting by an old radio shack turntable and spinning 45's when I was growing up probably had a lot to do with my career choice. 

I haven't listened to my albums in at least 2 decades, mainly because I don't have a record player anymore.  I keep on planning to go out and buy one, but somehow I never get around to it.

My morning show co-host Sean Ericson recently showed me this video for a prototype called the RokBlok.  This lightweight device is a brand new way to listen to your albums wirelessly on your bluetooth speakers or headphones.  It's a rather simple concept but the two major questions I have are:

How is the sound quality?

Does this damage the grooves on your album?

The Pink Donut is responsible for this product and they have received quite a bit of money through their kickstarter page.  So, this might be an item on many folks Christmas lists for 2017.

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