Being a teacher is a labor of love. It seems that with every passing year, state legislatures and our federal government are asking our teachers to do more with much less.   

I think if you ask 100 people if teachers are underpaid, 102 would say yes.  That doesn't seem to add up unless you use common core math.

Still, some states have better working conditions, incentives, and pay than other states do.  Wallet Hub did a study using several different factors and criteria in coming up with a ranking of the best to worst 50 states in the U.S. (It's actually 51 since they include the District of Columbia).  Some of those factors included salary, student to teacher ratio, school spending per student, and job competition.

Texas ranked 25th, while bordering states such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico all fared much worse.  Nevada ranked dead last, while Massachusetts, Virginia, and Minnesota finished in the top three.


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