Tuesday, March 21 was the softball district opener for the Carthage Lady Dawgs and Center Lady 'Riders. Carthage would end up winning the game 7-5, but, there was a play that happened at the plate that has gone wildly viral.

The Panola Watchman posted the following video on their Facebook Page which shows Carthage baserunner Jada Walton trying to score from second on a line-drive single. I've seen many bang-bang plays at the plate as well as contortion acts in trying to score at home, but never quite anything like this.

Although you may not see the final call by the umpire, yes, Walton was ruled safe.

I can't get enough of watching this play. The stare-down between the two behind home plate is priceless. You can almost see the wheels in Walton's brain trying to devise a plan to get past the catcher. Give the young lady credit for coming up with an idea in an almost no-win situation.

Also, there is no reason to chide or make fun of the catcher for looking away. I've seen some pretty brutal and immature comments in the original Panola Watchman Facebook Post. I'm sure she wishes she could replay the situation, but crazy things will happen in the heat of the moment.

Hey catcher...I don't know your name but just disregard any mean comments. Approach life with a smile and know that those making ugly comments have numerous personal problems to work out.

This will definitely go down as one of the craziest plays you will ever see at a softball game. I've heard that ESPN has taken note of the video.

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