Blue Bell is bringing us some more goodness to our freezer today according to Their latest flavor is called Salted Caramel Cookie.

According to Blue Bell's Facebook page, the newest flavor is described as

...a rich, creamy caramel ice cream loaded with vanilla crème filled cookies and a salted caramel swirl.

Yeah, we're sold.

It is out today at your favorite grocery store's freezer aisle in half gallon and pint sizes.

Don't be a dumba$$ and lick this flavor to get a taste. Just pick up a pint size and eat it at home. You morons who think it's cool or funny or awesome to head to the store freezer and open a carton of ice cream and lick the top, you're none of that.

If you do think it's awesome to do this, then I will come to your house and lick something in your refrigerator or freezer. Buy the new Blue Bell flavor, take it home and lick it there.

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