The Kicks 105.1 team goes to the Sealy Outdoor Big Bass Splash every year. It's a fun event where amateur anglers feel like professionals and have the potential to win big too.

Half a million dollars of cash and prizes are given out during each event, with things like trucks, boats, fishing rods, personalized trophies, and more/

When an angler brings in an exact 3.00, 4.00, 5.00 lb bass they win $5,000! There are 15 seats that get filled every hour of the day that win the participants enough cash to cover the registration fee and then some.

Here are some goofy ideas for prizes to hand out for some weigh-ins that will either make the angler feel good to get anything at all ... or add insult to injury.

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    The Pie Fish


    We actually see a lot of anglers bring in 3.14. Those are the first three digits in Pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

    Why not keep a pie on hand for the first angler to bring in that 3.14 lb bass?

    Hey! Technically pizza is pie too!

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    Kicks' Fav


    We are actually Kicks 105.1, and it's not realistic for someone to bring in a one hundred & five pound fish in. Most likely they would go down in the history books.

    Heck, even a 10.51 lb bass is nothing to scoff at. That angler is most likely getting a good spot at the end of the tournament.

    Representing our radio frequency deserves somethin' nice we think. Maybe the next time we see those numbers on the scale, we'll toss the angler a Koozie with our logo.

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    The Exact Weight Too Late

    If you ain't first, you're last.

    What's worse than bringing in a fish 0.01 lbs away from winning you $5,000?

    Bringing the exact 3.00, 4.00, or 5.00 after they've already been brought in for the day.

    We could have a few 2nd place trophies made or give those anglers $5,000 in Monopoly money.

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    Bad Starting Hand

    Either a 2 or a 7

    While a 7 lb bass might get that angler a few bucks, it still stings a bit to see the scale hit exactly 7.00 or 2.00 and realize those aren't weights being sought after for the special 5k prize.

    Maybe we can give those anglers a deck of cards in hopes they've got all the 2's and 7's out of their system for when they decide to play Texas Hold 'Em.

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