The Marketing Geniuses at Buc-ee's

I'm a big fan of Buc-ee's...the bathrooms, the nuggets, the fudge, the fashions...the marketing model. The marketers at Buc-ee's corporate are experts at finding ways to stamp their brand across the landscape.

Last summer, I did a story about a misspelling on a Buc-ee's billboard in central Texas. "You Had Me at Hodwy" is what it read.

Glenda/Cullen Merrell
Glenda/Cullen Merrell

I assumed it was indeed some sort of mistake, but I also figured that the marketers would redirect this mistake in their favor.

The introduction of a new T-shirt defining the word 'hodwy" justified my claim...I believe.

How to Market a Monumental Texas Event

On April 8, much of Texas will come to a standstill during the afternoon hours as a solar eclipse will move across the state. A swath from Del Rio to Texarkana will be included in the rare area of a total solar eclipse. Even those who are outside this swath of totality will experience a dusk-like view in the middle of the afternoon.

This is going to be a major event.

So...if you're a marketer a Buc-ee's, how do you take advantage of this?

Hudson ISD
Hudson ISD

Buc-ee’s® Totality over Texas

Through support from Buc-ee’s®, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is providing public schools with FREE support materials for the upcoming total solar eclipse. Materials will include eclipse viewers mailed to schools, supporting lesson plans, free virtual programs, and more.

The offer to school districts went out several months ago, but the opportunity is still there. Educators can use the online request form until around Spring Break, to allow enough time to distribute the materials after that.

Kudos goes out to Buc-ee's for finding a great way to market their brand and help out numerous school districts across the Lone Star State.

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