Best Buy will be closing down their Lufkin store soon.  This should not come as a major surprise given the recent trends in switches to online shopping when it comes to electronics and appliances.  Over the past few years, the Minnesota-based company has been closing stores and laying off much of their work force. Up to 5,000 Best Buy full-time workers were laid off earlier this year.

You can lay part of the blame to the COVID-19 pandemic.  More and more, consumers have opted to avoid the crowds and person-to-person interaction, and instead shop from their tablet, laptop or phones.  In fact, online sales for Best Buy have been extremely robust, but foot traffic inside their box stores has been steadily waning, so, the adjustment to the overall business model was written on the wall.

So, here we are, about 3 months removed from Black Friday.  Given, the supposed closure date of October 30, it looks like the usual lines in front of the store at Best Buy in Lufkin will be a thing of the past.

Another big box store in that shopping center in Lufkin closed their doors not too long ago.  Bed, Bath and Beyond was one of my favorite places to go for last minute Christmas shopping, but they closed their doors some months ago.  No word on if there are any interested retailers looking to take over what will be the old Best Buy location, but if you have any inside info or any suggestions, let us know.

Find out more details about the closing of Lufkin's Best Buy store from the Lufkin Daily News here.


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