In mid-June, Cafe Del Rio is expected to open the doors to their new location near the intersection of Highway 69 South and the East Loop in Lufkin.  

As the construction has progressed over the past several months, it's obvious that this is going to be a huge restaurant. The new Cafe Del Rio will cover nearly 15,000 square feet, that's nearly double the current location.   As of this writing, the plan is to close the South First location of Cafe Del Rio on Sunday, June 11th, and then open the new location several days following that.  This will give employees time to make the move to the new eatery as well as become familiar with the new features.

We here at KICKS 105 will be providing an in-depth sneak peek video tour a few days before the grand opening, but we have already been able to take a few pictures and video of some of the progress.  Some of the features that stood out to us were the massive new bar area, in-restaurant store, lighted palm trees, and train for the kids.

Take a look at the teaser video and picture gallery, and then get ready early next week for the in-depth tour video.


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