Sometimes we curse technology, or in this case, sometimes we love it's benefits...unless your the accused thief, then you're probably still cursing it.

Lufkin police report that Wednesday morning a complainant reported that his Apple iPhone was stolen from his Woodland Heights hospital room and that an application installed on the phone allowed him to track its location. The tracking application indicated that the stolen phone was at an apartment complex located at 1009 Ellis Ave. The investigating officer learned that 1009 Ellis Ave is the address of a hospital employee who had taken care of the complainant. The employee, Marciano Duro Casayuran, was found at the residence with the stolen phone and was arrested for Misdemeanor B Theft.

Now, I don't know exactly which application that was on the  complainant's phone, but I found this site to be very informational about some suggested apps for iPhones, Androids, and Blackberry's.

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