A man shopping at the Home Depot in Lufkin took it upon himself to chase down a would be robber and to forcefully retrieve a stolen drill.  This is how the incident played out according to a Lufkin Police report: 

"Officers arrested William Honeycutt, 38, after Honeycutt attempted to steal a $299 drill from Home Depot. A store customer turned Good Samaritan chased Honeycutt after seeing the man run away with the drill when a store employee ask to see Honeycutt's receipt. The Good Samaritan said he caught up to Honeycutt and asked him to give the drill back, but Honeycutt said no because he was already in trouble anyway. The Good Samaritan managed to snatch the drill from Honeycutt's hands. Honeycutt, who was wearing a blue tie-dye T-shirt as described by the Good Samaritan, was arrested minutes later near Best Buy."

Honeycutt was charged with theft of property valued between $100-$750.

Although this incident ended well, authorities are quick to point out that it's usually best not to interfere when a crime is being committed.  You just never know when a suspect could be carrying a weapon.

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