Congratulations to Mary Manchack of Cushing, winner of the KICKS 105/McWilliams & Son Coolest Mom in East Texas contest.  Her son, Josh, submitted the entry to us and she was selected to win the $500 prize package.

Check out what Josh had to say about his mom:

"My mom Mary Manchack is the coolest mom because at an early age and having six siblings that she had to help raise and help with farming since she was the oldest.After growing up and having 4 siblings of her own 3 boys 1 girl Mike,Melvin,Larissa ,Josh aka Me!Through it all she managed to raise us the best way she could and loved us with every inch of her heart never giving up on us even after losing my dad she stayed strong not just for herself but for us kids and is the strongest and most caring woman I know!!! And that is a little of why I have the coolest MOM! And last but not least May 26th she will be turning 71! I had to use the calculator to calculate how old she will be because I can not keep up lol shhh that part she can NOT find out haha! But she loves me the most since I am the youngest son!"

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries into the contest.  It's obvious that there are quite a few folks in East Texas who have some great moms!


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